Summer Dragonflies

with one-day alternative trip to Romania

Eastern Willow Spreadwing, Black Pennant, Balkan Goldenring, Ornate Damselfly, Southern Skimmer, Small Red-eyed Damselflies, Bladetail, Scarce Emerald Damselfly, Turkish Goldenring, White-tailed Skimmer, Southern Migrant Hawker, Small Pincertail, Eastern Spectreand, Green Snaketail and many others...

10 days

late June/early July

Starting point:: Burgas (Varna - optional)

Cost: €995 (base 6-10 people), not including flights.

3 pax = € 1,095,-

4 pax = € 1,049,-

5+pax = € 995,-

Single room supplement: € 110,-

* Promotional statement:
We offer a 5 percent discount to anyone who books a place (and sends deposit) by 31 December.

Day  1 : Arrival at Bourgas Airport
Day  2 : Bourgas wetlands
Day  3 : Strandja Mountain
Day  4 : Strandja - Debelt Dragonfly Nature Reserve
Day  5 : Transfer to the Danube river region
Day  6 : Srebarna Nature Reserve and other wetlands
Day  7 : Transfer to the Northern BG coast, Durankulak Lake
Day  8 : Shabla lake and wetlands around Cape Kaliakra
Day  9 : Drive back to Bourgas (Varna optional) with stops at the Kamchia River mouth
Day 10: Departure

With its 68 dragonfly species on record, Bulgaria boasts a remarkable Odonata diversity, given that the registered dragonfly species in Europe are 130. Here one comes across dragonflies from the sea level to the high mountain zones, but, following the rarest and most interesting species, we will keep mostly to the wetlands in Eastern Bulgaria and the Black Sea coast.

Day 1-2 Burgas Wetlands
Flight out to Burgas to be met by your knowleadgeble guide Tihomir. Today's exploration of nearby Lake Atanosovsko and surrounding saltpans promises a phenomenal range and quantity of dragonflies. Heading south, we will explore the wetlands around the city of Bourgas, on the southern Black Sea coast, presenting us with Erythromma lindeni (Goblet-marked Damselfly), Sympetrum meridionale (Southern darter) plus numerous other dragonfly species. We will visit the newly established dragonfly nature reserve 15 km to the west of Bourgas, where we expect to find Lestes parvidens (Eastern Willow Spreadwing), Coenagrion ornatum (Ornate Damselfly) and Orthetrum brunneum (Southern Skimmer). By way of cultural diversion we shall visit the ancient town of Sozopol.

Day 3-4 Strandja Natural Park
While in the area, we will dedicate a day to the rivers, ponds and marshes of the Strandja Mountain. Some of the species to be seen there: Calopteryx virgo meridionalis (Beautiful demoiselle), Epallage fatime, Lestes barbarus (Southern emerald damselfly), Somatochlora meridionalis (Balkan Emerald), Somatochlora borisi (Bulgarian Emerald), Calopteryx splendens (Banded Demoiselle), Platycnemis pennipes (White-legged Damselfly), Onychogomphus forcipatus (Green-eyed Hook-tailed Dragonfly), Libellula depressa (Broad-bodied Chaser), Orthetrum brunneum (Southern Skimmer), Lestes parvidens (Eastern Willow Spreadwing), Crocothemis erythraea (Scarlet Darter), Sympetrum sanguineum (Ruddy Darter), Caliaeschna microstigma (Eastern Specter), Cordulegaster picta (Turkish Goldenring), etc.

Day 5-6 Danube River
Next we travel up to the Danube river region including a short visit to the Varna Botanical garden, also exploring a couple of small wetlands en-route. Target species: Caliaeschna microstigma (Eastern Specter), Cordulegaster picta (Turkish Goldenring), Orthetrum albistylum (White-Tailed Skimmer).

On the Danube we will visit the Srebarna Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO site) - a big wetland situated by the river, as well as other small wetlands in the area like Malak Preslavets Marsh and Nova Cherna. The species to be seen there include Aeshna isoceles (Norfolk Hawker), Gomphus flavipes (Yellow-legged Clubtail), Cordulegaster insignis (Blue-eyed Goldenring), Sympetrum sanguineum (Ruddy Darter), Aeshna affinis (Southern Migrant Hawker), Coenagrion pulchellum (Variable Bluet), Ischnura pumilio (Small Bluetail), Anax imperator (Emperor), and with luck Lestes virens (Small Emerald Damselfly).


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