Day 6 Bükk Hills 1

After breakfast we start our first day in the Bkk Hills, which is the largest continuous woodland in Hungary. The forests are dominated by oak and beech and the older they get the more holes appear on them carved by a multitude of woodpeckers, including White-backed, Black, Middle Spotted and Grey-headed Woodpeckers. When they abandon their holes, songbirds like Red-breasted Flycatchers or Marsh Tits occupy them. The biggest cavity-dweller is the Ural Owl, which also occurs here and - with a little luck - we wont leave without spotting one. The old stone mines in the fringes of the hills are inhabited by Rock Buntings. After visiting them we head to the open lands at the foot of the Bükk Hills. These are the favourite feeding areas of Black Storks and large raptors, like Lesser Spotted, Imperial and Short-toed Eagles and Honey Buzzards. After dinner we have one more task left: the observation of Eagle Owls in a nearby mine.

Overnight: Hotel Síkfõkút, Noszvaj

Day 7 - Bükk Hills 2

Today we visit the northern part of the Bükk Hills. Here, in the Valley of Szalajka, we are supposed to find Collared Flycatchers and Grey Wagtails. It should also be mentioned that during searching for birds we will walk by the Voile Falls (Fátyol Vízesésés), one of Hungary´s most beautiful cataracts. Our next stop is the Bükk Plateau, where we take a few kilometers of light walk in search for Mistle Thrush, Willow Tit, Crossbill and we try again the Ural Owl if we failed to find it the previous day. On the way back to the hotel we stop at the bushes and wetlands of Bükkallja in hope of Marsh and Barred Warblers, Green Woodpecker, Hawfinch and Wryneck. Several raptors may also appear here. Today´s after-dinner owl watching aims at the Scops Owls of a nearby valley.

Overnight: Hotel Síkfõkút, Noszvaj.

Day 8 - Zemplén Hills, the land of Predators

Zemplén is the most remote and hence the most untouched wilderness in Hungary. Large predators like the Grey Wolf and the Lynx also lurk in the forests but owing to their cryptic lifestyle it is very unlikely to meet them. However, large birds of prey, that are outstandingly numerous, need to be less cautious as no one can harm them while soaring above the green carpet of the forest. The Castle Hill of Regéc offers an exceptional observation point for them. There and en route to there we have a good chance to spot Lesser Spotted and Imperial Eagles as well as Honey Buzzard and with a little luck, the majestic Golden Eagle. In the afternoon we head into the heart of the hills, where we look for some extra species, including Coal Tits and Tawny Owls. Ural Owl is also likely to be met.

Overnight: Veronika Pansion in Regc

Day 9
A short birding in the morning and after saying farewell to the fabulous forests and hills we travel back to the airport.

Price: € 649 (£ 539) - Base: 7-8 people

6 pax = € 696,- (£ 579)

5 pax = € 749,- (£ 629)

4 pax = € 785,- (£ 659)

Single room supplement: € 95,- (£ 79,-)

Price includes:

7-night Accommodation

Breakfast on days 2-9

Packed lunch on days 2-9

Drinks: Mineral water, fizzy drinks including Coca Cola, tea/coffee;

Transportation by minibus,

All excursions and guidance

Price excludes:

Lunch on day 1


Alcoholic drinks and tips

Transport to and from Hungary

Single room supplement: €95,-

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